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October Invader
Between screams of wind
leaky faucet drips sound,
steady as the anorexic clock arm,
syncopation to soft rustling
of the withered leaf
sneaking beneath my door,
the gap there too large
to stop gust-propelled intrusions.
It scrapes the tile until
silence as it somersaults
mid-air, then, scritch-scritch,
further across the floor.
:icongarex:Garex 1 0
Lean in, kiss ambrosial lips,
not just to taste euphoria,
but to quiet contradictions
between statements they slip
and emotions your eyes espouse.
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Just a Small Sip
Stripes of tan, rust, purples
distant slopes usually display
are muted today from shadows
strewn by gray clouds
spewing their contents as they
are speared in soft underbellies
by the peaks they pass.
Damp, the colors blend together.
Farther on, the wounds slowly heal.
Curving sheets spilling out shrink,
retracting from the ground,
leached away by dry desert air
before it can reach parched soil
until sunlight finally scatters
the mountains' blanket to the west
the atmosphere now amply saturated
to allow a few meager drops
to darken the sand, in spots.
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Expedition into Abasement
Dim dash lights blur
as my focus stretches beyond
to flat fabricated black.
Solid yellow, broken white flash past,
directing me I-don't-know-where.
Lament as it dawns on me:
endless hours behind the wheel
are solely occupied searching through CDs.
Put one in,
play one song,
immediately swap it for the next
containing another specific piece
to fit my mood.
Should I find it cheesy or apt-
really not sure which-
that the man's words on
The Postal Service, Track 4
seem my thoughts brought to life.
Simultaneously dreading nothing more
than my apprehension that her counter-vocals
exactly express the sentiments you hold,
yet have not the heart
to slip to my ears
from lips whose kiss left me,
such a short time ago,
always so weak in the knees.
:icongarex:Garex 0 2
Stroll Through Serenity
Barren branches crepitate in the breeze,
Their eerie aria filling the gloom made incandescent
By the moon's touch upon this achromatic cloak
Which the land has curled itself within,
Razed by the wind once it fell to a smooth glaze
Broken only by the gathered ligneous obelisks
Surrounding this empty field.
Until I wade through.
Leave a path of packed hollows in my wake
As I venture across for no other reason
Than to bathe in the pale blue glow
This expanse takes on during the witching hour,
Before blazing white again explodes in the sun
Which will invariably arrive to melt the world.
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Mature content
Confession :icongarex:Garex 0 2
Daniel was shaking as he approached the tall unkempt bushes fencing off Mr. Udantal's house.  Each morning previously this week, Hank had been waiting just past the hedge amongst the sparse trees lining an empty field that stretched out at the end of the neighborhood.  Each morning, Daniel had been painfully persuaded to relinquish his lunch money to the older, larger boy.
     The field wasn't big, but was isolated from view of anyone in the houses since, despite being halfway through October, the trees all still had their leaves, so Daniel had no hope of rescue by anyone not already on their way to work.  Because of the freeway overpass past the dead end of the street, the only walking route to Danny's school was past this field, so he had no chance of avoiding Hank's chosen ambush point.
     This was Daniel's first year in town; his family had moved here the week before school started.  It never took long for a new kid at Weston Elementary to find out about Hank Douder.  Thirteen,
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Ignoring Reality
Glen sat on his porch watching the portable television perched on the rail, worn rocking chair squeaking rhythmically as he swayed.  He silently thanked the Maker for the sun warming his bones, that it was not yet intense enough to raise the stink from the dumpster behind Sherry's Diner next door that would appear come August, and for the scantily-clad woman in the commercial he was staring at currently giving him an erection.  His smile faded as the news came back from break.  Reaching for the tobacco pouch in his hip pocket, his heel collided with the ribs of the dog sleeping at his feet.
     "Sorry, boy."
     The canine's reply was to lift its tail and fart.  Scraps of the light brown shred sullied white fur as Glen worked.  Lighting the cigarette, he winced at the grating sound of Myron Cope announcing the baseball scores.
     "Who did he have to fuck to get on TV with that voice?"
     Only the dog could hear him, and it did not rise from slumber.  Glen looked up to see a young
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Wishing You Were With Me...
Whispers of Nature's breath
All that disturbs the liquid mirror,
Making the trees and clouds
Reflected there appear as a Monet,
Giving voice to the leaves in a song
Serving as a gentle backdrop to
Birds perched among them,
At this moment, whose perfection
Has drawn me here to see
Stars in the east, amid the dark
While pink, purple, orange
Chase the sun over the horizon
Far in the west, with the dark line,
The divider between the two,
Directly overhead.
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United States
Current Residence: Las Vegas, NV
Favourite genre of music: Not Country or the new R&B (way removed from the R&B originally, from the 1950's)
Operating System: WinXP (unfortunately)
Skin of choice: to wear, mine; to touch, someone else's (not just anyone's, though)
Favourite cartoon character: Ralph Wiggum; Dr. Zoidberg; GIR; The Angry Monkey in the Closet
Personal Quote: Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?
Life continues in most interesting ways.  Sometimes must wonder what has gone wrong, sometimes wonder why I have been able to get by lately.  Turning thirty meant I'm officially no longer a kid (physically, anyway), and self-reflection can at times be a bitch.  At least I won't have to worry about it for long, since it's almost time for Vegas to get too damned hot to think, 120 degree days aren't too far off now, and they SUCK!!!!
  • Listening to: Tool
  • Reading: almost all my books were stolen (sob)
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As well as they can be, hopefully soon will be much better, but have to wait and see.
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Hope you get/got good news about your commission.
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I have, the commission will be starting shortly. Need to order the supplies and am waiting for the payment to clear in my bank. So, does that mean you are being published???? :D
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No, no publishing for me yet, the places I'm submitting to (including the ones which have previously sent me rejections) just don't want anything sent in that is published online, including sites like this and facebook, so I pulled stuff out that I am sending in.
But, keeping my fingers crossed
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gibberstoadzdoll Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2006
I just read Useless and I must say it was really, really good. Much better than I'd ever expected. I think we really ought to collaborate on a graphic novel or something. I'd always wished I was more of a writer. My stories were always kinda lame.... though they had decent enough general ideas of what I wanted to convey...
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